Vindel river area network meeting

On 12 March, the Vindel River LIFE project arranged a meeting together with other projects based in the Vindel river area. The idea was to network: share information about our work and also to gain knowledge about what others are doing or planning to do in the river catchment. Networking can pin down common interests or elements where collaboration can have synergistic effects. The Vindel River LIFE project hopes to find future collaborations which can last “after LIFE”. The meeting participants were the Vindel River LIFE project team, researchers, staff from the Vindelälven MAB office (facebook-link), county administration office, and from Umeå and Vindel municipalities.

Network Meeting 1Picture 1: Malin Karlsson and Ritu Andersson, project Vindelälven MAB (man and biosphere). Picture 2: Daniel Holmqvist,  Vindel River Fishery Advisory Board and Vindel River LIFE. Picture 3: Christer Nilsson, Umeå university and Vindel River LIFE.

 Network meeting 2Picture 1: Stefan Ågren, Vindel River Fishery Advisory Board and Umeå kommun. Picture 2: Daniel Palm, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Picture 3: Magnus Lindberg and Roger Wallin , Västerbotten county administration board and Malin Karlsson, Vindelälven MAB. 





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