Natura 2000-day together with pre-school kids

On the 21st of May, events are being held in honor of the Natura 2000 Day all across Europe. Vindel River LIFE celebrated this day by visiting one pre-school in Lycksele and one in Umeå. We had interesting discussions with the 5-yearolds about what things in our daily life that are made of wood, where the wood comes from, how it today is transported from the forests to the sawmill, and that the streams and rivers were used as a mean for timber transportation before we had roads and trucks. They all got to speculate on how the cleared canals could have affected fish, such as bullhead and brown trout, and we talked about the fact that we no longer need to use the waterways for timber transportation and that we therefore try to restore them so that insects and fish will have a chance to come back to their ancestors homes. They also learned that grownups have decided that, in certain areas of Europe, we need to take extra care of the environment so that they and their children can visit and enjoy these places also later in the future, that these areas are called Natura 2000, and that the Vindel River is such an area. They all got to color fish, typical of the Vindel River, and butterflies. It was a great day and both children and grownups learned a lot from each other.

Signemaskerade ungarcolouring 


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