Kick-off seminar

We had a kick-off seminar on 2 December at hotel Uman in Umeå. The invited participants were stakeholders from the municipals, County Administrative board, Swedish Board of Fishery and companies with interest in the project. The project team had presentations of the overall project, preparative work, done restorations, and planned future actions. Håkan Gustavsson from the subcontractor Luleå University of Technology gave a presentation on the preparatory model work that they have performed. This work was done to give guidelines on how to locate big boulders and large wood to provide more aquatic habitat in the respective reaches. For more information about this study see Results. Lovisa Lind gave a presentation on the work with collecting the pre-restoration data (geomorphic and hydraulic characteristics of the habitat), which was conducted during the summer 2010. We got very good responses to our work and interest for an arranged field trip to the sites were expressed. We are all very excited about the development of the project!

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  1. Matte V.Spöland says:

    Hej Johanna! äntligen ett riktigt intressant projekt, kommer att följa det med intresse och lycka till med allt.

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