The following documents can be downloaded here, most of them are in swedish:

About the project

Brochure about the project (in swedish)

Project Management Plan (in english)

Work plans

Workplan for Demonstration sites 2010. In Swedish

Workplan 2011  In Swedish

Workplan 2012  In Swedish

Workplan 2012 for Giertsbäcken: Environmental-impact assessment Application for authorisation. In Swedish.

Workplan 2013 In Swedish

Workplan 2014 In Swedish

Workplan 2015 In Swedish

Compendium for teachers in 4-6 grade

Compendium produced in cooperation with Nature School (in swedish)

Degree thesis

Jonas Svensson, Spawning site selection of brown trout in habitat restored streams (in english)

Final conference “Reviwing waters

Conference brochure – about the project


Conference report


Layman report

Scientific writing workshop

Network meeting

Daniel Palm, trip report from Norway
Lessons learned 

Monitoring-report-E4 Riparian Zone

Monitoring report E5 The Fish habitat

Monitoring protocol for riparian habitats

Monitoring protocol for fish habitat


Final Report_Vindel River LIFE

Amount restored and gained area

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