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Natura 2000-day together with pre-school kids

On the 21st of May, events are being held in honor of the Natura 2000 Day all across Europe. Vindel River LIFE celebrated this day by visiting one pre-school in Lycksele and one in Umeå. We had interesting discussions with the 5-yearolds about what things in our daily life that are made of wood, where the wood comes from, how it today is transported from the forests to the sawmill, and that the streams and rivers were used as a mean for timber transportation before we had roads and trucks.… Read more

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Vindel river area network meeting

On 12 March, the Vindel River LIFE project arranged a meeting together with other projects based in the Vindel river area. The idea was to network: share information about our work and also to gain knowledge about what others are doing or planning to do in the river catchment. Networking can pin down common interests or elements where collaboration can have synergistic effects.… Read more

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Vindel River LIFE wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Meeting with the stakeholder reference group

The annual Stakeholder reference group meeting took place on December 19th. This year’s project work were reviewed, questions answered and tips and experiences were shared.… Read more

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Steering group meeting

On December 11th the last steering group meeting of this year was held, followed by the meeting of the scientific reference group. A review of this summers restoration work were in focus. You can find photos from this work in the photo gallery. One topic that was discussed extensively at the meeting was SwAM’s (the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management) possible participation in the project.… Read more

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VR LIFE and Naturskolan in Sorsele and Arjeplog

On 22-23 August it was time again for Vindel River LIFE and Naturskolan to educate fifth graders and teachers as part of our project. It was the second meeting of three for the pupils and the subject was plants by the river and how water shapes the landscape.

On 23 August school staff in Sorsele and Arjeplog had a seminar day and besides teachers from the main cities there were teachers from Blattnicksele and Ammarnäs.… Read more

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Johanna on radio

In a live broadcast on radio Västerbotten May 15 Johanna talked about what we are doing and results we have come up to in Vindel River LIFE.

Listen here (in swedish): more

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Fish market – seminar with fish migration in focus

Daniel Holmqvist, FAB and Daniel Palm, SLU attended the seminar “Fish Market” in Karlstad, May 7-8. Daniel H presented the restoration methods used in Vindel River LIFE and Daniel P talked about erosion and longevity of spawning grounds for brown trout in the restored LIFE stretches. Palm was also responsible for a workshop in spawning ground restoration where he shared experiences gained in the LIFE project.… Read more

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Daniel H and Hans attended a seminar about salmon in Mörrum

Daniel Holmqvist, FAB and Hans Lundqvist, SLU talked about their experiences in restoration work in Vindel River LIFE at a salmon seminar in Mörrum March 25. Among the participants were H.M.K. Carl XVI Gustaf and Eskil Erlandsson, Minister of Rural Affairs .

Below you can see some of the speakers from the meating: Daniel Holmqvist, Hans Lundqvist och H.M.K.Read more

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We welcome our new post-doc Judith Sarneel

The first of February Judith Sarneel started her two year position as a post-doc in the project. Judith will be working at our demonstration sites where she is going to analyze the restoration effects on riparian vegetation compared to sites that have been restored in a more traditional way. She will also do a small study on otters reaction to the different types of restoration.… Read more

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