Field work 2012

This year’s restoration work has been running for over two months and everything is going fine. Three dams in Beukabäcken (see photos below) and Sandsjö dam in Sågbäcken has been restored. Habitat and spawning area restoration has been done in Akersbäcken, Ribbikbäcken (see photos below), Vormbäcken, Månsträskån and Ruskträskbäcken. Work is also going on in Lill-Åman, downstream Kvarnåsen.

We expect to continue restoration work as long as possible during fall. Most likely, additional dam restoration will be done in Nackbäcken and Hjuksån and habitat restoration in parts of Gargån, Lill-Åman, Sävsjöbäcken, Slipbäcken, Joppträskbäcken, upper parts of Nackbäcken and Åman.


Stenträskdammen in Beukabäcken to the left. On the right photo the dam has been removed.
Daniel Jonsson


These photos shows Ribbikbäcken before and after restoration. Photo Daniel Jonsson

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