VR LIFE and Naturskolan in Sorsele and Arjeplog

On 22-23 August it was time again for Vindel River LIFE and Naturskolan to educate fifth graders and teachers as part of our project. It was the second meeting of three for the pupils and the subject was plants by the river and how water shapes the landscape.

On 23 August school staff in Sorsele and Arjeplog had a seminar day and besides teachers from the main cities there were teachers from Blattnicksele and Ammarnäs. The afternoon consisted briefly of that our technical coordinator Daniel Holmqvist first described the project and Lina Polvi (Umeå University) talked about how natural processes shape the landscape and its vegetation. Naturskolan showed a collection of educational outdoor exercises on the theme of water and the day ended with an excursion to the restored Olsbäcken outside Sorsele.

Below are some pictures from the day.

Fifth graders in Arjeplog gathered around a water channel that is used to demonstrate the power and ability of the water to shape the landscape. Lina Polvi descibes how it works.

Daniel Holmqvist talks about restoration that has been done in and around Olsbäcken. The second picture shows how Daniel is electro fishing to get trouts of various sizes/ages.


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