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Today I received an email from Jari. He and his fishing companions email me every now and then. Always  always comes with compliments about the restoration we have done in a stream they usually visit,but also with curious questions about future restoration work in the stream. When working with a project like Vindel River LIFE it means so much that those who visit the areas we are restoring appreciate the work and that they are noticing positive effects.Receiving emails like the one below is the best evaluation you can get! No golden stars on the EU flag are worth as much as that! Thanks for the email Jari!

Hi Johanna

My friend Roger and I came home from our favorite stream yesterday. We went there last Saturday.

The weather was nice. The sun shone and we had only a few hours of rain.
The nighttime temperature was low but that was also nice (no mosquitoes).

The water level was quite low (maybe normal). I would expect it to be higher since there was so much snow in the area last winter.

The restoration work seems to have been successful. The water flow was good with lots of newly created pools.

There were also many insects there: mayflies and some caddisflies had already appeared.

The re-opening of the closed side channel in Forsbacka was really nice to see. Nice beds with “spawning gravel” on the necks.
I am sure the small fish will thrive there.

I noticed that some birds had found these areas (Woodcock, ringed plover, sandpipers, and Common Sandpiper).

I have not seen these birds there before.

The fishing was as good as usual, with slightly more trout and larger graylings than usual.

We could see more rising fish in the pools within the rapids now than before restoration and their behavior pattern was more regular than before.

The fish seem to have found the new habitats, which is positive.

We experienced the biggest changes in the upper most part in the lake Giertsjaure.

The former “canals” were now nice rapids.

When we visited the area last fall, these “canals” seemed very shallow but now with more water in them, it was probably enough water for good fishing.

Thumbs up for a very successful restoration!

We will return to the stream again in early September.

Have a nice summer.

Best regards,


jari bilder
Jari’s and Roger’s favorite stream. The fly fisherman is Roger. Photo: Jari

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