ReNo conference in Iceland

The project leader and the project coordinator, Johanna and Christer, attended the ReNo conference (Restoring the North-Challenges and Oppertunities) in Iceland, 20-22 October 2011. Johanna gave an oral presentation, in which she gave an overview of the project, presented some completed restorations and some preliminary results. Christer also gave an oral presentation about the divisions in restoration practice.

We were also taken on two excursions. The first was on the first afternoon, when we visited a restored wetland area, Flói Bird Reserve. The second excursion covered a full day. Initially we stopped at the Soil Conservation Service in Gunnarsholt, where a new museum including an exhibit about the history of land degradation and land restoration in had recently been installed. The director, Sven Runólfson, was kind enough to come in on a Saturday to guide us around. The second stop was at the foot of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull.


Plants that have started to recover after the latest vulcano erruption. The glacier in the backgroundis is at the foot of the vulcano Eyjafjallajökull


The whole surrounding is heavily affected by the ash deposit from the latest eruption in May 2010, though the restored birch forest in Þórsmörk, was relatively unaffected by the ash. Hence, the forest had obviously enhanced the resilience of that particular area.

Þórsmörk, a restored birch forest near Eyjafjallajökull


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