Result summary from the restored areas

  • Stream restoration has led to approximately 45 hectare of restored biotope area
  • We have opened up 18 dams which has led to 226 km of reopened rapids and 3700 hectare of available lake area
  • We have reopened a large number of closed side channels which has led to 22 hectare of reopened/available water areas and 126 km new available water
  • We have constructed more than 1000 spawning grounds for fish

Follow-up of demonstration actions

One of our restoration methods, the demonstration action, is a new method in the field of river restoration and therefore the project has undertaken to follow up the effects of this action. Results from the follow-up studies can be found HERE .


Basic data from studies done in the demonstration streams are available HERE

Two studies were made in the demonstration streams before restoration began:

Pre-action hydro-geographic modeling

In 2010 pre-action hydro-geographic modeling was performed by researchers from Luleå university of technology to ensure that placement of structures is made as efficient as possible in the demonstration sites. Read more about the study HERE.

Pre-restoration study

In order to evaluate the ecological effects of the advanced restoration a pre-restoration study was conducted during the summer of 2010 and partly in 2011, i.e. before the advanced restorations had begun. Read more about the study HERE.

A follow-up study was done after the restoration in 2011, and the results from the two studies were processed and resulted in an article in Ecology and Society:s special feature “Ecological restoration in northern regions”. Link to the special feature Link to the article

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