Project management

Johanna Gardeström works at Umeå University and is the project leader of Vindel River LIFE. She has a PhD in Marine Ecotoxicology and has also done research on pesticide effects in agricultural streams. She is in charge of  the project management, coordinates the different beneficiaries’ work, is responsible for reporting the progress of the project, and is the webmaster of the homepage.

Christer Nilsson is professor in landscape ecology at Umeå University. His research includes effects of climate change and restoration on hydrology and riparian vegetation, and effects of hydrologic alterations on biodiversity. He applies a large-scale perspective and focuses on ecological interactions between different landscape units. He has vast experience of cross-disciplinary work from projects at NCEAS, ICSU and within several EU framework programs. He will coordinate the project, assuring that all parts of the project become truly integrated.

Daniel Holmqvist works as fisheries manager at Vindel River Fishery Advisory Board. His work is mainly focused on management of salmonids and river habitat restoration. Daniel is the technical coordinator in Vindel River LIFE and is responsible for planning and coordination of the practical restoration actions in the project.

Marie Kårebrand works as financial administrator at Umeå University. Marie is the financial manager of Vindel River LIFE.

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