Vindel River LIFE welcomes you to

Reviving waters: a conference on stream restoration

Lycksele in Lappland, Sweden on 22-24 September 2014

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We would like to share our experiences restoring streams in northern Scandinavia.  After over a century of channelization due to timber-floating, the riparian and aquatic communities in our streams were severely impacted. Vindel River LIFE has restored 44 km of tributaries of the Vindel River by increasing channel complexity and returning spawning gravel for trout and salmon.  This conference will provide a European forum for a wide-ranging discussion of key issues related to stream restoration and follow-up studies of its effects.

The conference will consist of presentations of the Vindel River LIFE project, other LIFE projects, in addition to talks by scientists, restoration practitioners, and public officials from Sweden and throughout Europe. There will also be opportunities to contribute with your own restoration experiences.

If you like to contribute with your own experiences regarding restoration techniques or follow-up studies, please submit an abstract (maximum of 300 words) by 2 August 2014 to

You can present your work in: a) full presentation (15 minutes), b) poster, or c) 6-minute speed talk. Please give your first and second choice of presentation type since there are only a few slots available for the full presentations. We will let you know by August 27, if and what type of presentation your abstract has been accepted for.

There is no cost for the conference registration, which includes conference meals (lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks), though registration is mandatory. Please register by June 19. NOTE: Registration Date is extended t.o.m 31/6.

Registration is now closed since over 100 people have signed up. If you would like to make a late registration, contact our project leader:


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We hope to see you in Lycksele!

Vindel River LIFE

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