Day 1: 22 September. Registration 10:00-13:00. Programme starts at 13:00 (in English)

The first day consists of an introduction and the first session called “Getting your feet wet”. We will hear presentations from the project Vindel River LIFE and from European scientists and practitioners. Invited speakers are Anssi Eloranta, Finland; Hamish Moir, Scottland (cbec eco engineering); and Pauliina Louhi, Finland (Oulu University). Dinner will be served at 19:30.

Day 2: 23 September (8:30-16:25 in English; 17:00-19:00 in Swedish)

The second day consists of three sessions, of which the last one is in Swedish. The other two sessions are called “Digging deeper” and “Wrapping it up”. Invited speakers are Lennart Henriksson, Sweden (Natur och Människa AB); Antonia Scarr, UK (Department of Energy and Climate change) and Ulrika Åberg, UK (River restoration Center). The Swedish session is meant for the general public. This is a perfect opportunity for our international guests to visit the hotel spa or why not the Nordic Zoo, Lycksele djurpark? The conference dinner will be served at 19:30.

På eftermiddagen mellan 17:00-19:00 håller projektet Vindel River LIFE en öppen session för allmänheten, där vi på ett mer populärvetenskapligt sätt och på svenska, kommer att presentera projektets restaurerings- och uppföljningsarbete.

Day 3: 24 September (08:45- approx. 15:00 in English and Swedish)

The day will be spent in the field, visiting Vindel River tributaries restored by the Vindel River LIFE project. Participants will be in groups based on language preference. We will all have lunch at Café Mårdseleforsen.

A  more detailed programme can be downloaded here: Program-Reviving-Waters
Abstracts can be downladed here: Abstracts-Reviving-Waters

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