How to get there

By Air

There are daily flights from  Arlanda airport in Stockholm to Lycksele airport. You can book online here:

Nextjet online >>>

Or call +46 (0)950-275 50

You can also fly to Umeå, 130 km east of Lycksele and then take a train or bus to Lycksele. The following airlines fly between Arlanda (Stockholm) and Umeå: SAS and Norwegian

Malmö aviation flies from the smaller Bromma Airport in Stockholm


By Train or Buss

There are several trains and busses daily between Umeå and Lycksele. Here are schedules. (NORR is the shortening for Norrtåg, i.e., the trains)

By Car

From Umeå, drive east towards Mo i Rana on road E12. After 130 km you will reach Lycksele.

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