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The Vindel River LIFE did have the Final Conference in the end of September 2014, but due to prolonging of the project it will not end until 31 October 2015. We who are working in the project feel great appreciation to you all for taking the time to participate and engage at the Reviving Waters conference in Lycksele. Extra thanks for international guests travelling (some over great distances) to be with us to, and to all of you who also took time to prepare and present talks of exceptional quality. The three-day event, which was held in Lycksele, Sweden from 22-24 September 2014, gathered more than 100 attendees from ten countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ireland, England, Scotland, and the US) for some 30 presentations, a poster session and a field trip to project sites.

LIFE projects represented included MulkearLIFE in Ireland (LIFE07 NAT/IRL/000342), LIVEDRAVA in Slovenia (LIFE11 NAT/SI/000882), UC4LIFE (LIFE10 NAT/SE/000046) and ReMiBar (LIFE10 NAT/SE/000045) in Sweden and the UK project, RESTORE (LIFE09 INF/UK/000032). There was also a presentation on the preparation of Finland’s first proposal for an Integrated Project (on freshwaters), a new category of LIFE project introduced this year.

One of the greatest strengths of the conference was the mixture of participants, including stakeholders, researchers, and practitioners. Some of the most obvious lessons from the meeting were the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration; that the information /knowledge bank has to be made more available (RiverWiki is a good start!); and that we need to find ways to reach politicians and other decision makers.

All of the sessions, the poster presentation, the formal and informal gatherings, the entertainment by Carolina Miskovsky and Marcus Granberg, and the field trip were really enjoyable for many and the feedback was very positive. So I thank you all for helping to make the event so memorable.

Thanks also to Anders Esselin, our brilliant facilitator, for his engagement and efforts to keep us on track.


Report from the Final Conference


Here below are some pictures from the conference

Session 1 and 2

Session 3 and dinners


Field trip






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